Investment Opportunity

Project "Wind Park Kalin / Bulgaria"

Investment Opportunity in connection with an equity stake in a wind energy company in Bulgaria

Possibility to purchase 100% of the planned wind farm or only a part of it

Project Founders

Rübsamen Windenergie GmbH (CEO Rosemarie Rübsamen)
Kalin Eko Stroj OOD (CEO Dr. Melania Kaszas-Savos)


On a plateau in the northwestern part of Bulgaria at the Danube
Situated west and south of Oriachovo, near the Romanian boarder

Technical Data

Wind turbine type 55 Vestas V100
Rated power 1,8 MW
Hub height 95 m
Park capacity 99 MW
Average wind speed (hub height) 5,9 m/s
Annual Energy production (P50) 255.403 MWh/y

Construction permit & power purchase agreement granted

For investors, who are interested in other types of wind turbines there is the possibility of changing the configuration and/or the turbine type.

Further information requested?
Please contact us at or tel. +49 4101 40 40 58